Customer Reviews

"Just want to give a Salute of Respect to X-Caliber Defense and Jake. I am a very Happy Shooter and repeat buyer of Weapons, Optics and Knives. I always get exactly what I ask for, great quality at a great price and the Guard Dog didn’t even rip my arms off."

Dean - Valdez, AK

“Top notch service. Very friendly and professional. Easy to deal with. Highly recommend checking them out..”

Richard - Valdez, AK

“Should have an option for 6 Stars. AWESOME Service and Great Prices.”

Chris - Valdez, AK

“The best place to get guns…worth every penny! I would recommend to everyone.”

Jay - White Mountain, AK

“I highly recommend X-Caliber Defense! The prices are more than reasonable and the amount of expertise is great”

Bryan - Valdez, AK

“Highly recommend X-Caliber Defense!! When he ran out of the gun I wanted he ordered another one and had it in fast. He's very experienced and patient with me. I would prefer to go to X-Caliber Defense any day over any other business! I have bought 4 handguns from him so far and plan on buying more in the future! I give him the 5/5 stars for sure!!”

Becky - Valdez, AK

“Very easy to work with and will be using Jake for all my transactions.”

Bill - Valdez, AK

“How do you keep finding guns that I didn't even know that I needed?”

Scott - Soldotna, AK

“I have personally ordered through this company. Very helpful and goes out of his way to ensure you are taken care of. Great customer service. I highly recommend this company.”

Dakota - Valdez, AK

I was in the market for an AR/CAR-15 and X-Caliber's owner came through in Spades. He went above and beyond in making sure I got the weapon I was looking for and at the best price. His attention to detail and added specialty to the weapon I bought sets Jake out way ahead and he has earned my respect and future business”

Dean - Valdez, AK