Hex Mag Gen 2 - 30rd Magazine

Hex Mag Gen 2 - 30rd

SKU: 000001
Color: Black
Option 2: Gray
  • A revised feed lip profile means greater rifle compatibility. Made with; PWS, Armalite M-15 Competition, Stag, Anderson Manufacturing, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Daniel Defense, and Mossberg rifles in mind.


    Easier seating on a closed bolt and greater retaining power is made possible with a revised catch-pocket and lead in ramp.

    Easier loading, now made with stripper clip grooves


    Series 2 Hexmag magazines are made with the latest technology in materials and manufacturing processes this gives you a more robust and durable AR-15 magazine.

  • Products purchased from an authorized Hexmag dealer or distributor are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and manufacturing processes. (Proof of purchase may be requested).

    If our product no longer operates as intended, Hexmag will replace or repair it without charge to the original owner. This warranty does not cover failures resulting from:

    • - User accidents – example (loading or using the wrong ammunition)
    • - Misuse – example (using the magazine for a function that it is not intended for or a caliber it was not made for.)
    • - Exceeding the design parameters, function or deforming the magazine.
    • - Improper Care or modifications – We do not warranty the use of pinning, gluing, or painting of any kind or removal of any material on a Hexmag magazine without Hexmag’s consent.