While growing up among the rolling hills and wooded farmlands of Southwest Wisconsin, I was surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife and endless outdoor opportunities. Whether hunting whitetails with Dad or rabbits & squirrels with my older brothers, I quickly learned to respect nature and all it has to offer.


My love for nature eventually developed into an obsession with firearms and how they work. Before long, my paper route money was consistently turned over to my parents and my firearms collection began to develop. My firearms fascination continued well into high school until I met Rachel, the woman of my dreams. After dating for 9 years, through her college years and my search for the right career, we finally tied the knot and my adventure jumped to the next level… we packed our bags and moved to Alaska.


Living in Kotzebue was quite the experience! I learned a new respect for nature and the new frozen surroundings; the arctic tundra. Whitetail hunting was quickly replaced by the much tougher task of taking moose, bear, caribou and sheep in the frigid North. I soon picked up a lot of hunting and survival skills from close friends... Things I will never forget.


Fortunately I also continued my love for firearms and began assisting a very dear friend, Robbie, with putting them in the hands of good responsible people through his business, R U Outdoors. This went on for many years until we finally ended up in the town that initially drew us to Alaska, Valdez. 


Through several moves throughout the state, Rachel and I picked up a few little bags of joy. Morgan and Connor were Iowa babies, both being born in Dubuque while we were back "home" visiting family. Reagan and Cora had other plans, both deciding to make an appearance in the Emergency Room in Valdez, 9 weeks premature. All healthy and perfect in every way, I can't imagine life without these four little blessings


The long distance firearm sales became very difficult and eventually came to a halt after Rachel and I secured extremely time-consuming jobs and a home in Valdez. To carry on the task of what I truly love would be extremely difficult with my business partner in Anchorage. It was time to make a difficult decision and I chose to go another route. After several months of paperwork, background checks, phone calls and email correspondence, X-Caliber Defense opened its doors on February 1st, 2016.


Our mission is to continue the service that was offered with my business partner in Kotzebue and Anchorage; we want to put firearms in the hands of good people. Whether it's home protection, big or small game hunting, long range precision or concealed carry, we are here to see that your needs are met.

- Jake